Not good enough

October 25, 2008

I have been holding out for an Android phone for almost as long as I knew that it was a possibility. My sister and brother-in-law both have one. (He works for T-Mobile.) However, I have been a loyal Sprint customer for coming up on 10 years. So, it was quite a blow when I learned today that in the words of Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, that the Android operating system isn’t “good enough to put the Sprint brand on it.” I would think that Sprint would need something, anything to boost their sales given the last couple of quarters. Maybe that’s why I am not a CEO of a corporation (or maybe that’s precisely the reason I ought to be).

Quite honestly, I have to say that that sucks and if my wife hadn’t just gotten a new two year contract, I would probably switch carriers. Oh well, patience is a virtue, and I probably need to be more virtuous. AND if worrying about a phone coming out or not is the worst thing I have to worry about at a time like this given the state of the nations economy, I’m doing pretty good.


One Response to “Not good enough”

  1. on.ali said

    I feel probably they are falling behind in bringing out their own android phone and do not want to spoil the launch of another phone that might come before android

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