SO d’oh!

October 26, 2008

Yikes! So, I see on a friend’s Google reader a way to track my stackoverflow reputation points and I give it a shot. I learned today that the polling interval on this application was very short.  How did I find out? Here’s a little story:

I tried going on to stackoverflow to look up something about MVC (which I’ll be studying with some of the FSDNUG peeople) and I just keep getting an untitled page. Now, I am certain that Jeff Atwood, et al are not prone to the same mistakes that I would make and that something else must be afoot. So, I google stackoverflow and notice that there is a blog (imagine that). I go poking through the blog and the second post is about scripting responsibly, and the author of the tool that I was using posted something about it checking every 30 seconds.  I wish I had known that, before I tried using it. I don’t even have enough reputation points that I would need to check it that often.

I think I should get a gold lemming badge or something. That is, if my IP for my house ever gets unbanned. So, for now I am relegated to the old way of google + hunt + peck + wading through the mire that is the interweb. That’s what I get for trying something out and not just doing it myself.

UPDATE: The ban has been lifted. Whew! It’s funny that I use it as much as I do after it has been public beta for not very long. The use of MVC on stackoverflow makes me think that learning MVC is well worth the time. Granted I might not write many things that have to scale as quickly as it has.


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