Frustrations in learning MVC

November 13, 2008

I’ve probably just been so far behind where technology is that I never had to deal with anything like this before, but I’m having a serious problem finding MVC applications which ¬†work for the MVC Beta. It seems that the types of people that write good applications targeting new technologies have no problem learning things so quickly that they have it fully understood well in advance of a Beta version. It may also be a shortcoming in my google-fu, but if anyone comes across this and has a good example of a fully fledged MVC site that works and I can take apart and put back together and modify, PLEASE post a link to it here.


Truth Project

November 12, 2008

We started a new topic in our life group yesterday. We will be going through the series called The Truth Project, which is developed by the Focus on the Family people. I have to say I am impressed. Dell Tackett is an excellent speaker and there is no denying the truth that is brought out through the skillfully selected verses. I really liked the guest speakers that they brought in to answer some really tough questions, I think I’ve seen them cited in a couple of Lee Strobel books (Case for Christ, Case for Creation) and that guy pretty much rocks as well.

I guess the thing I appreciate the most is systematic study of a topic. I guess there’s still a lot of mathematician in me, but I like taking an axiomatic approach to things. That is to say, “What things do we know to be true, and where do they lead?” I think it will be eye opening to say the least.