LINQ resources

January 14, 2009

I have had the occassion to use a lot of LINQ to objects lately. I remembered there was a great resource for this, but couldn’t remember where that resource was. So, I’m posting it here now so I won’t lose it. I’ll update it as I find more linqs (okay bad pun, and I don’t care).


One Response to “LINQ resources”

  1. Robert Gould said

    Hey just noticed you had left a comment on my blog a while back. Sorry I hadn’t checked it out earlier. So looks like your in Texas. Have you looked about Austin? It’s become quite a hub for online games. So you might be able to make good use of your web-based skills to get your foot in the door. As that’s the tricky part, after your in things are more flexible and you’ll probably get chances to work on other things that interest you.
    There’s also the Austin Game-developers-Conference in September I believe, was there 2 years ago. And they had a job fair of sorts going on, so that’s an option, but I’d probably brush up my C.V. And look at the websites of the various companies there. Of course it isn’t easy but it’s probably worth a try. Also just in case I’d space out sending applications so you can use what you learn during phone interviews and maybe in person interviews for the next ones. As your Very unlikely to get it right the first time. I got my current job a a big company after two smaller gigs and a bunch of interviews, but it was worth it 🙂

    Anyways seems like you got a family so you should probably start off locally and then consider going out of town after you get some stuff under your belt, that way it’s more likely an employer will help you with moving and stuff.

    Anyways good luck!

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